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Dwanollah's High School Detatchment
June 2004

Where do you live? LA and Milwaukee. Yup, we're splitting time between two homes again: THTM's company wants him in Milwaukee most of the time this year, and, since I have a semester off teaching to work on my book, I'm tagging along, because half of my research is out here anyway. I fondly remember a time in my early 20s when I thought airports and airline travel was thrilling and exotic…. *checks Dramamine supply*

College: So first, I slogged through, like, six years of off-and-on community college classes, working full time as well, and trying to muster up the courage to do what I really wanted to do. I think, because of my own insecurity, I had a prolonged adolescence or something. But when I was 25, I went to the Claremont Colleges, and after that, I took an accelerated one-year master's program at Penn. I spent the following three months recovering and trying valiantly to remember what it was like to sleep normally. After a couple years of working, I got a second Masters, this time in Children's Lit., from Hollins University, for fun. And this fall, I'm off to the UC, y'all! In fact, strangely, I am one of, like, FOUR WOMEN who graduated from HHS and DIDN'T go on to Concordia/Christ College Irvine, or someplace similar.

Hobbies or Interests: Okay, I really, really, REALLY don't consider "spending time with my family" a freakin' HOBBY OR INTEREST, so I'm really, really, REALLY sick of seeing people (mostly women) respond this way. Mine? I read a hell of a lot. I write cranky-ass shit for my website. I play with my Barbies and my Sims. I do a lot of antiquing, and hang out at art museums. I horde music and stalk Durans. I like cooking. I like eating. I like traveling, and me an' THTM like planning/surprising each other with fun/weird destinations. I like Foofing wherever we're currently living. And no, dears, "housework/homemaking" is NOT a hobby or interest either. Unless you're pathetic. Who can be genuinely INTERESTED in housework? Really? Even Mrtha Steywrrt isn't INTERESTED in housework!

Briefly tell us about your life after High School: Yes, folks, DumbAss and I broke up. Gee whillikers, I seriously think that "Dwanollah n' DumbAss = Cutest Couple at HHS" is ALL people remember about me from high school (well, other than my Duran Obsession…)! A couple years after graduation, I actually went to a Homecoming thingie, because another friend who went to HHS for our freshman year was in town, and we thought it'd be fun. And most people called him DumbAss (well, not "DumbAss," but DumbAss's real name. Der), because who ELSE would I be with?! I guess it was pretty sad as far as DumbAss was concerned… that people thought he was so memorable as an individual that they couldn't tell the difference between him and a short, skinny, curly-haired guy with glasses, but what the hey? I suppose I should be grateful that at least they remembered what I looked like.

Not that they'd recognize me now, of course, because, technically, I'm the illustration of the "Boy did the cheerleading captain get FAT!" Heh.

What are your political views like? Oh, shit. Do you really want to know? I'm liberal. Very liberal. I hate politics, I hate the two-party system, I hate Democrats, but I REALLY hate Republicans, in general. I am adamantly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-explicit song lyrics, and pro all the stuff that HHS freaked out over.

What advice would you give to students graduating from HHS this year? FOR THE LOVE OF THE VERY GOD THAT HHS MISREPRESENTS, SUPPLEMENT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION WITH SOME REAL CLASSES AND STUDYING! That was my biggest regret about HHS… the quality of the education, no matter what people say about small schools and all that, sucked. First of all, we had crappy books. Second, we usually had the same teacher for 3 or 4 years of a subject. Third, you HAD to fulfill your religion class requirements, so if New Testament class conflicted with the one World History class when you were in 10th grade, you didn't take World History. I feel like my ten years of Undergrad were, in part, spent making up for everything I DIDN'T learn.

That's actually one of the most defining things about my "life after high school"…. By, like, around senior year, I realized how dumb I was. So I decided to become as smart as possible. I'm no natural brain, sadly… but, fortunately, I'm stubborn as hell. So I worked and read and worked and read, and eventually realized how smart I was, too. (Of course, that doesn't matter at high school reunions. What matters is "Boy did you get FAT!" Hee!)

What do you remember most from high school? 9th grade, man! I think that was my happiest time in high school (although at the time, I'd've been shocked if you'd told me so). I was a fully-practicing Durannie. For the first time in my life, I wasn't the school buttwipe. I had friends. Hell, at a place like HHS, I was considered "mod," which was, like, way cool. I didn't do a whole lot of studying outside of English class. My friend Stevie-kins and I formed a close bond, and we did all they typical stuff, passing notes back and forth (addressed to "Dawn Le Bon" and "Stevie Nunn", natch), gossiping, swapping tapes, arguing over who was better, Human League or the B-52s, and pairing up to bust out our MTV moves at all the school dances. Stevie is, like, one of maybe three people who I'd care to know what happened to, but he got into drugs in a bad way senior year, and I'd be surprised if he was still alive.

Do you plan to attend the Reunion? I would rather blow a goat, thank you. But not to climax, mind. I have standards.

"Well, thank God for THAT!"

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