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Slam Book Fever! - Page One
March 2002

They’re twins, they’re beautiful…
and they’re probably responsible
for 95% of teen girls’ eating
disorders in the last two decades.

Wait… that sounds familiar…. Wasn’t that the title of a Sweet Valley High book?!

Why yes! Yes it was! SVH #48, published in 1988… the episode in which Sweet Valley High is swept up in the fad of “do-it-yourself books of lists and predictions about everyone in school,” to be precise.

Don’t pretend you don’t recognize Sweet Valley High. You know you read them. You know that, back in 1982, when those first yellow paperbacks with the cover pictures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield (with their “shoulder-length, sun-streaked blond hair, sparkling blue-green eyes the color of the Caribbean, cameo skin, and perfect size-six figures”) came out, you TOTALLY gobbled up the series in its monthly installments! Jessica had fallen for rich Bruce Patman… what would happen?! Elizabeth was in a coma after a horrible motorcycle accident… would she live or die?! The tension! The drama!

You know you knew ALL the details. You knew the split-level ranch house and pool and Liz’s cream-colored bedroom and Jessica’s “Hershey Bar” bedroom. You knew Mr. Collins was everyone’s favorite English teacher as well as advisor on The Oracle, the Sweet Valley High newspaper. You knew everyone hung out at the Dairi Burger for clams and shakes after a day at the beach. You knew Winston drove an orange VW Beetle, Bruce drove a black Porsche, and the twins drove their mom’s red Fiat Spider. You knew who “Chrome Dome” Cooper was.



What was the name of the SVH sports teams?


What about the fraternity and sorority on campus?


Or the local pizza place?


Or the clothes boutique at the mall where Lila shoplifted all that stuff from?


Who was Nicholas Morrow?


Ken Matthews?


Dana Larson?


What was Liz’s favorite carbonated beverage?


What number was part of one of Jessica’s catch-phrases?


What identical item of jewelry did the twins wear?

Surprised at how much you remembered? Yeah. I thought so!


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